Giving hope and investing in hope givers

Inspired by our founder’s personal journey, Human Investment Foundation believes that hope changes everything.

We live in an unjust world

Women and children make up the vast majority of the nation’s poor, domestic violence and sexual assault are rampant, and access to opportunity is not always equal. For those impacted, overcoming these hardships can feel impossible.

But this changes when someone offers hope wrapped with action. It’s a spark that ignites a journey, allowing women, children, and their communities to reach their full potential.


Something changes when you have hope

It lets you see that things can get better, even when it seems otherwise, and allows you to have peace no matter the circumstances.

Hope comes in many forms and can look like:

A belief
in the impossible

Inspiration from those who are making a difference

A financial

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We’re stepping up to make a difference

Sexual Violence

Every 73 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States. And, 1 out of every 6 women have been the victim of an attempted or completed rape.

Sexual violence can have long-term effects on victims while most perpetrators go unpunished. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

Armed with empathy, compassion, and the support of like-minded organizations, we can take a stand and end sexual violence.


Even with access to school at an all-time high, almost two-thirds of American 4th graders read at or below the proficient level, building a weak foundation for their future.

We believe that education opens doors to jobs, resources, and skills to lift up individuals and communities.

Education is the starting point for economic growth and so much more. We invest in education to reduce crime, build strong families, and prevent violence at home and throughout society.


Not everyone starts in the same place. Where we are born, who our parents are, and the resources we have access to shape our lives—for better and for worse.

When combined with a willingness to put in the work, we believe that an extra boost of help and encouragement can create additional opportunities for those who want it.

We seek to stand in the gap for those who need encouragement, inspiration, or help up.


Women and children make up over 70% of our nation’s poor. They have fewer assets, resources, and are exposed to gender-based violence. This not only impacts their life today but the health and well-being of future generations.

The solution to poverty is complex, but we believe that empowering people is the way to create jobs, purpose, and independence.

When we lift up individuals, we lift up entire communities, changing the trajectory for generations.


Humans need others to thrive. Loneliness, isolation, and lack of support can impact our ability to physically and emotionally stay healthy.

When communities are formed from shared interests, beliefs, experiences, or values, the positive impact they can make is endless.

We seek to create support, trade, and encouragement within healthy communities so that hope can be multiplied to create lasting change.

Countless Others

As humankind advances, we continue to face problems such as:

  • Access to basic needs like food and water
  • Safety and security
  • Religious conflicts
  • Government suppression
  • And, countless other issues

At Human Investment Foundation, we keep our eyes, ears, and hearts open, inspired by how one person can change themselves, their community, their nation, and the entire world for good.

Change is inevitable, growth is optional

Adversity comes in many forms. We can be born into it, create our own, or face it because of the actions of others. No matter how it comes, every person has to choose what they will do with it. 

Success in work, life, and family takes hard work and a willingness to invest in others. It’s here we find growth, no matter our circumstances.

Join us in celebrating those who create change for themselves and others


We’re inspired by our founder’s journey

Janet Jensen, the visionary and woman behind Human Investment Foundation, endured many hardships throughout her life. With the help of her family and friends, sheer determination, and access to necessary resources, she triumphantly emerged as a survivor.

Inspired by how much hope restored and redeemed her circumstances, she’s made it her life mission to change the outcome of others who don’t have the same level of support.

It’s why Human Investment Foundation offers a belief in the impossible, inspiration from those who are making a difference, and financial help. We know that hope is what the women, children, and communities we help need most.

Human Investment Foundation is a private family foundation built upon the idea that hope changes everything.